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Bringing together a community of tourism, heritage and cultural expressions lovers by making it easier for contributors and institutions to connect in supporting great initiatives

Our Story

From different backgrounds and experiences, our passion for travel and the knowledge of the impact visitors, from near and far, has brought us together here. Not long ago, we were colleagues in the tourism industry that met and started talking about a shared vision while working hard on developing a strong offer of activities for travellers to do in a variety of cities.

As avid explorers we felt we want to give something back. Our desire became to connect people and make sure we can be part of those commitment to the conservation of places that have given us joy.

This is what inspired us to write down the will.world mission.

Our Values

Invent to solve

We create a deep understanding of the problem to work together and invent the simplest and most innovative solution to solve it.

Challenge to commit

Respectfully challenge ideas & solutions you believe can be improved. Every question has an answer and finding it together will lead to commitment.

Explore to improve

Every solution is a starting point and relentless exploration leads to continuous improvement to always face circumstances in the best way.

Food for thought

Always bring new perspective and out of the box vision that influence and motivate people to brainstorm creative solutions and approaches.

Inspire for the future

Never sacrifice long-term vision for short-term result: believe that the pursuit of every action taken today is a step towards the future.

Empower people

Enable others to do their job and exploit their skills and capabilities: shine helping others to do the same.

Meet the team

Francesco Varano

Enthusiastic and energetic, Francesco is our founder. He is keen about travel and the entertainment industry. He smoothly combines an innovative approach to the market with his expertise from business development roles at Amazon and Booking.com

Patrycja Jasińska
Product Manager

Passionate and analytical, Patrycja is our product and UX expert. She is an avid foodie and for over 10 years has lived and breathed tourism. She thrives on the fast pace of the start-up mindset and is constantly looking for improvements and creative solutions.

Guillem Ventura
Project Manager

Methodical and persistent, Guillem is our marketing project manager. Born and raised in Barcelona, he has been feeding on art and history from a very young age. A hands-on tech enthusiast that feels the need to give back, while exploring new places.

Valentina Casas
Marketing and Communication Manager

Vibrant and committed, Valentina is our marketing communications specialist. From emerging to developed markets, she is constantly moving and looking for challenges to learn from. A true people’s person, she loves to find ways to make those around her excel.

Christos Sykaras
Commercial Manager

Driven and self-motivated, Christos leads our commercial operation. Always strategizing to identify key partners and never miss on an opportunity. A music enthusiast, that has been in the tourism and hospitality business for quite some time.

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